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Logistics as a strategic success factor

Taking the LOGON logistics solution as an example, this dossier illustrates how online logistics can become a strategic success factor.

Cement, concrete and gravel comprise the core business of Holcim (Switzerland) AG, and the seamless delivery of cement is of vital strategic importance. The largest Swiss provider of construction materials has an entirely web-based approach to its distribution logistics. With LOGON Logistics Online from AdNovum, Holcim can achieve its ambitious goals in the areas of quality, cost effectiveness, and ecology.



Comprehensive and convenient, in real time

The new solution introduces automated and fully integrated management of a delivery process that used to be tracked with pen and paper and involved several media disruptions. Now the entire order process is in electronic form, from the acceptance of the customer's order, of the goods, the dispatching and loading of the vehicles, and final billing, which is automatically generated.



LOGON combines collaborative web applications with standard components (SAP) and expert systems (weighing, telematic, and rail) to form a generic integration platform. LOGON uses web-based maps to visualize the whereabouts of all the actors and objects in real time, greatly facilitating Holcim's dispatching, billing, and controlling.

RFID tags on delivery trucks, trains, silos and loading stations deliver continuous information feeds. RFID data, combined with mobile order processing (MOP) via GPS, allows dispatchers to instantly view the status of an order and the location of the transport vehicles. This enables efficient planning control and control of operations.


  • Web2.0 User Interface: Rich Internet Application (RIA), Ajax for instant updates, drag & drop and role-specific cockpit views
  • Java EE applikation, Java EE container: JBoss
  • Windows 2003 server, integration with MS Windows authentication (SPNEGO/Kerberos)
  • Business layer: EJB3
  • Presentation layer: Struts, Ajax ExtJS, DWR
  • RFID administration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Oracle database
  • Apache Axis2 web service integration (SOAP) of surrounding systems (SAP, weighing system, MOP server)


TRANSPO-Drive® LOGON is a comprehensive telematics solution designed to be individually adjusted to specific customer requirements regarding vehicle integration as well as the depth and width of data integration. Based on a modular core software component built by Nufatron, the telematics solution is customized to optimally support the customer's process and business needs - to the customer's competitive advantage.

The result of this approach are highly customized software solutions such as the Mobile Order Processing (MOP) solution built on behalf of Holcim (Switzerland) AG. MOP plays a key role in Holcim's new logistics platform LOGON. It enables seamless supply chain event management without any media disruptions. The required real-time data is collected via RFID technology.

RF Identification of Process Participants
All actors and systems involved in the delivery process are equipped with RFID transponders that generate corresponding events when being read.

Mobile Order Processing (MOP) and Quality Management
Before the loading of his bulk truck, the driver identifies the tagged loading site via TRANSPO-Drive® LOGON. The corresponding order is then sent to the weighing system and the loading process is initiated. On arrival at the customer’s site, prior to unloading, the driver scans the tagged silo to be filled. The unambiguous identification of the silo allows an electronical prevention of mixture (EPM). In addition, the customer confirms receipt of the ordered product by signing electronically on the screen of the TRANSPO-Drive® LOGON handheld.

Track & Trace, Navigation und Geofencing
The integrated GPS module allows TRANSPO-Drive® LOGON routed truck navigation to the destination based on the received order data. The vehicle's position is constantly transferred to LOGON, where by means of Google maps the route is traced and shown together with change of status because of geo-fence impulses.


  • Delivery of over 2.5 million tons of cement annually
  • Processing of about 600 orders per workday (ca. 50% truck, 50% train)
  • Over 200 cement trucks equipped with mobile telematics system TRANSPO-Drive® LOGON

Cutting-edge logistic solution for Holcim


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