Web Information Governance

Auditability and compliance in the web

Auditability and compliance in the web

Why does web information governance play an increasingly important role for companies? How do you keep track of your web offering and use the potential of the Web channel profitably? Read our dossier on web information governance to learn more.

Today, the Web is our main communication channel. Due to its flexibility, range (niche markets) and availability, the web has also become one of the most important sales channels. Effective archiving of web content, transactions and interactions enables you to implement new business models, protect your brand and comply with legal requirements.


The challenge: Make web content traceable and auditable

Typically, information exchanged over the Internet is archived in backend systems. However, this approach has considerable drawbacks:

  • High operation cost: Content is archived separately in various systems. This increases costs.
  • Conflicting information: The same information is archived redundantl in various systems. This also generates costs and may result in inconsistencies.
  • Traceability/auditability not ensured: The contents are only complete at the time of delivery to the customer. The information displayed to a customer at any given time cannot be reproduced from the data archived in the backend systems. This means, for example, that it is not possible to determine with certainty which disclaimer, price etc. was displayed on a particular page in a website at a particular point in time X.


The solution: Transactional archiving with Nevis and qumram

Traditional archiving vs. transactional archiving
Traditional archiving vs. transactional archiving

To meet these requirements, the data are recorded directly in Nevis and not in the backend. The qumram Suite integrated in Nevis continuously records and archives the data transmitted between web servers and clients. From these data, all business-relevant content can then automatically be transferred into an audit-proof archiving system. This enables companies to meet the regulatory requirements regarding archiving and auditability of Web content -  regardless of the system environment in an organization.


Transactional archiving with Nevis and qumram
Transactional archiving with Nevis and qumram

Compared to traditional data backup in the backend, this has the following advantages:

  • The actual consolidated user perspective is archived with all relevant information from all backend systems.
  • The solution works independently of the backend systems.


The benefits: Legal compliance and business optimization

Compliance in Online Business

  • Compliance with legal requirements is ensured
  • Legal certainty, traceability and auditability are ensured

Business Optimization

  • Transactions with higher security and compliance requirements can also be conducted online.
  • Business processes become more efficient by reducing redundancy and increasing transparency.


  • Knowledge is preserved by consistent archiving of digital information.
  • Historical and company heritage information is preserved.

IT optimization

  • IT costs can be reduced as information is no longer archived redundantly.
  • When a system is migrated, archived content does not have to be migrated to the new systems, yet it remains accessible at all times.



In e-commerce, the same legal requirements and regulations regarding auditabilty apply as in traditional commerce. Media and process disruptions compromise compliance with such regulations or make it impossible. Only through complete archiving of the content displayed to the user including all user actions can regulatory compliance be ensured.


Web pages and online documentation may contain information that is relevant for business and therefore subject to the same compliance requirements as printed content. Through complete archiving of content in its original form, companies can ensure traceability at all times and prevent costly litigations.


Automated creation of a complete activity log in Social Media ensures traceability of Social Media content. This is a prerequisite for the use of Social Media in highly regulated industries such as the financial or insurance sector and e-government.


Partners web information governance

qumram is an independent Swiss software company specializing in audit-proof archiving of web content. qumram's product suite for the archiving of web content and AdNovum's security proxy nevisProxy are a perfect match for web solutions that have to meet with stringent compliance and archiving requirements.


PrivaSphere enables corporations and individuals to communicate over the internet in innovative, secure, and authenticated ways. In 2006, AdNovum entered into a partnership with PrivaSphere, eSecurity, and ETH Zurich.


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