The digital wallet

With its innovative shopping and payment app, TWINT AG establishes mobile payment in Switzerland.

Customers use the TWINT app for payment at a cash register or on the Internet. Loyalty cards are taken into account automatically. This is what makes the payment app a convenient shopping app. No more wallet necessary! The app also features a peer to peer (P2P) function enabling users to send each other money. Loading credit balance is possible in multiple ways: via bank or Swiss Post account, via coupons, DD procedure or at a Swiss Post ATM. Unused amounts can be unloaded. TWINT works independently of any telecom provider and can be deployed on all common iOS and Android operating systems.

Numerous benefits for merchants

Merchants using TWINT benefit from low transaction fees, which results in increased revenues. In a web application, they can administer TWINT independently, i.e. sign in to TWINT, check their sales figures or order consumables. TWINT easily integrates with existing cash register systems. Merchants without a cash register system download the app, which reflects the functionality of a cash register, to their smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to integrate TWINT in an online shop or an existing application with payment functionality.


Some technical details: To determine the customer's presence at the point of sales, a handshake is performed between the phone and the beacon via a bluetooth low energy (BLE) connection. Both phone and beacon verify the handshake via TWINT back-end, which enables their pairing. All further communication to process the purchase is then also performed via TWINT back-end. While the cash register communicates over a SOAP-based interface, the phones are connected via a JSON-based REST interface and push notifications.

AdNovum as initial partner

As the initial technology partner of TWINT, AdNovum was responsible for consulting, concept, design, project management, implementation and testing. In addition, AdNovum initially ensured further development, maintenance, support and operation of the platform and mobile applications. Thanks to the smooth cooperation, agile project organization and our engineers' commitment, it was possible to launch the first fully functional version of TWINT within less than a year. AdNovum developed software for TWINT until the end of 2017, today AdNovum only develops in selected projects.


  • Pay quickly, conveniently and cashless – no more wallet necessary
  • Load credit balance via bank or Swiss Post account, coupons, DD procedure or at a Swiss Post ATM
  • P2P payments: TWINT users can send, receive and request money from and to each other via smartphone
  • Collect loyalty points/benefit from employee conditions
  • Low transaction fees for merchants
  • Easy integration with existing cash register system or via TWINT merchant app; also possible for online shops and other apps
  • Convenient self-administration
  • Secure data exchange via back-end
  • Communication via BLE, thus also works with iPhone


  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • JavaEE back-end with a modern micro-service architecture